Back with a BANG

I’ve not blogged about anything since past 6-7 months or so (no energy to check out the actual date). I’m writing this post inspite of my tiredness, because I’m really excited & I just can’t stop myself from writing it. Please pardon me for my bad english & all grammatical mistakes! Also, like my previous blog posts, this blog post will also be full loads of redundant smilies! So here it goes:

This is what I’ve done in past 5-6 months

  • Β Searching for a paid job
    • I started my job search & preparation in february-march.
    • I applied to quite a few companies, but didn’t get any calls from any companies except one company, which is
  • Interviews season
    • They ( are one of the prominent Perl shops in Europe. Their IT department is located in Amsterdam, Netherlands.
    • They interviewed me on phone on April Fools’ day πŸ˜€
    • After some days, they invited me to Amsterdam, Netherlands for two in-person interviews on 2nd June.
    • All these interviews were technical. I was informed that I’ll have one HR interview as well, but I won’t call it an interview, it was more of a casual chat with their HR! πŸ™‚
  • Post interview
    • I got to know that I’ve got selected on the in-person interview day itself i.e. on 2nd June.
    • Since then I’ve been preparing for relocating to Amsterdam :D.
    • But this preparation have come to an end now, because location of this post πŸ™‚
  • Relocating to Amsterdam:
    • One of the best things about is that they’ve made relocation to Amsterdam very easy.
      • paid for all my travels & my luggage (which is 4 big travel bags).
      • If you’ve pets and a partner, then will help in relocating them as well. But in my case, I’ve moved alone.
      • They help in moving big things as well in 15ft containers. But I had 4 travel bags only.
      • They provide a temporary accomodation for a period of 2 weeks until you find a house for yourself. This temporary accomodation period could be extended to 4 weeks maximum.
    • Β Bad experience
      • If you’re moving to Netherlands or some other country for job or studies, then you need to get your documents apostilled.
      • I had to run a lot to government offices for getting my documents apostilled.
      • It takes a lot of time & effort to get these things done. Even indefinite time & I mean it! 😦
      • I’ll write another post about it in detail.
      • Lifting 4 travel bags for a while, because I’m not that strong πŸ˜€
  • Apart from job hunting, moving etc., I’ve learnt or still learning:
    • Flask, a web framework written in Python
    • SQLAlchemy, an ORM written in Python
    • LaTeX, a type-setting system, which is very useful for making documents, presentations etc.


  • Excitement…so many reasons…
    • is one of the best Perl shops in the world.
    • They contribute a lot to the Open source world.
    • World’s best Perl (but not only Perl) programmers are working there, who contribute a lot to open source. I’m not going to give you the list, it’s too long & I’m tired.
    • Living on my own in a beautiful city like Amsterdam.
    • Lifting 4 travel bags for a while, because I’m not that strong physically πŸ˜€
  • Oh! What I’ll be doing at!
    • I’ll be a Software Developer trainee for an year.
    • First month is critical
      • Yep, it is!
      • First month will be the probationary period & they people could send me back to my country if I won’t do well.
      • So, this will push me to give my best! Hope so! πŸ™‚
    • On 6th August, my future team lead sent me a welcome email πŸ™‚
    • I’ll be working on image and text processing.
    • I’ll need to learn:
      • HTML::Mason templating system
      • Class::DBI ORM
      • Scrum process for software development
      • JQuery.
  • Nervousness…

10 thoughts on “Back with a BANG

  1. You will do fine! You will be so busy meeting people and working and learning, that first month will be over before you even have time to think about what could go wrong, and that’s for the best, and they will say “you worked so hard, learned so much, did good stuff, you were nice to people, you’re a nice collegue, please stay, we want you to stay with us”.

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