My experience at YAPC::EU 2015, Granada

So, I’m back from Granada after attending my second YAPC::EU. It has been four awesome days (including pre-conference event) of Yet Another Perl Conference.


I attended several talks. Here are the main talks which I attended:

Here are the talks which I wanted to attend, but didn’t, because of one or the other reason:

I learnt something from all of the talks which I attended, so it was a useful conference. But I also felt that there were too many talks & days were too long.

Also, I saw that quite a few 50 min talks were finished in 35-40 min (including my own talk), so there was lot of extra time. I’d like to suggest that it’d be better to have three time duration slots: 20 min, 40 min & 50 min.

My own talk

Here is the link of my talk slides :

I’d like to hear feedback of my audience, so if you have any feedback then please let me know. Sadly, there is no video this time!

I’d like to thank these people for reviewing my talk & giving me their suggestions:

Also, I’d like to thank Damian Conway for his Instantly Better Presentations talk. I tried to take his tips very seriously.


Food was mostly good in Granada. It was easy to find vegetarian food. Rice dish which was served at Gala dinner was awesome, I loved it. On the last day, we had our dinner with Larry Wall & Gloria Wall.


Here are the people I met for the first time:

  • Dave Cross
  • Gabor Szabo
  • Mark Keating
  • Tina Müller
  • Uri Bruck
  • Roland
  • Mercedes
  • Andrew Solomon
  • Xavier Noria
  • Jose Luis Martinez
  • Lukas Mai
  • Lee Johnson
  • Dotan Dimet
  • Aaron Crane
  • Yaroslav
  • Racke
  • Andrew Nugged
  • Roy Struut
  • Mani or Money (don’t know the correct spelling)
  • Enrico
  • And many more, but my terrible memory!

It was great meeting so many people, please stay in touch!

Talk surveys

I’ve completed surveys of all the talks which I attended & I’d suggest everyone to do the same. It will make the speakers happy & help them improve.

Hopefully see you next year in Cluj

Next YAPC::EU will be in Cluj. Last year, I attended meeting & it was the best event I’ve attended so far, so I’m really looking to the next YAPC::EU 🙂


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