GNOME’s OPW status update (weeks 1,2 & 3)


In the past three weeks, I worked on these issues. Almost all of the issues (except 4-5) belong to structured exceptions in Moose.

Problems which I faced:

  • MooseX::Role::WithOverloading is broken: I have used operator overloading in the Exception class. Accoring to this issue, I was supposed to use a Role, but I inherited Exception class instead of using it as a Role. Moose::Role does not support overloading, so my mentor asked me to use MooseX::Role::WithOverloading. The reason for inheriting the Exception class was that MooseX::Role::WithOverloading is broken in the current version of perl(perl 5.18.0), so on my mentor’s suggestion I wrote a class instead of a role.
  • Recovering a file in git: While cleaning up redundant files, I deleted a file by mistake. Since, the text which I lost was not very long, so I rewrote it & it worked fine. But later Jesse (my unofficial mentor :)) told me about how to recover a file from git. I’ll describe it in my next post.

Tough part:

  • Inline exceptions: This is the first inline exception which I did. Understanding how the inline code is generated was a challenge for me.

What’s next?
In the upcoming weeks, I’ll work on more exceptions and also some tasks which are not related to exceptions (for a change).

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