Conquered the monster named “Documentation” :D

I think the title says it all!

It was boring initially 😦

Past two weeks were quite boring initially, as I am at the verge of finishing my internship tasks, only some (around 44) boring (boring because I am not getting their cause easily & not able to understand them completely) exceptions & documentation were left.

As far as exceptions are concerned, I have no other way but to write them manually.

Thank you mentor for giving an awesome & interesting idea

I told my mentor about the boredom I am facing & he asked me to write a documentation generator for the exception classes which I have written, to kill that boredom :D.

Exceptions which I have done till now:

Here are the closed issues of exceptions, which i have done.

Documentation generator:

You can see the documentation generator which I have written, here, please read the description of gist to know purpose of each file.

When I started writing documentation generator code first, I was parsing the exception classes’ code for getting the attributes, but my mentor asked me to load the classes instead of parsing. This made my work very very easy. You can see that horrible parsing in the revisions.

Other problem which I faced was due to use of variables in the exception messages & regular expression escape sequences & quantifiers. For getting rid of these two problems, mentor asked me to annotate such tests, you can see it in the gist.

I think that’s all for now!

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